Dynamic model for population distribution and optimum immigration and job creation policies

N. U. Ahmed, Yongjuan He


In this paper we demonstrate that by use of modern Systems and Optimal
Control theory, it is possible to formulate optimum immigration and job creation strategies while maintaining population level close to certain pre-specified targets. With this objective in mind, we consider a simplified dynamic model based on a previous model developed in (Ahmed and Rahim, 2001:325-358) to describe the population distribution in Canada. Numerical results demonstrate that the model population is in close agreement with the actual population. This model was then used to formulate a control problem with immigration and job creation rates being the decision (control) variables. Using optimal control theory, optimum immigration and job creation policies were determined. Results are illustrated by numerical simulation and they are found to be very encouraging.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25336/P63K62


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