A new model for estimating district life expectancy at birth in India, with special reference to Assam state

  • Rajan Sarma
  • Labananda Choudhury
Keywords: district, India, life expectancy at birth, regression


Life expectancy at birth (e0) is considered as an important indicator of the mortality level of a population. In India, direct estimation of e0 is not possible due to incomplete death registration. The Sample Registration System (SRS) of India provides information on e0 only for the 16 major states. Estimates of e0 for the districts are not available. Using data from the Coale-Demeny West model life tables, United Nations South Asian model life tables, and SRS life tables of India and its major states, the paper shows that the relationship between life expectancy at age one (e0) and the probability of surviving to age one (l1) is linear, and the relationship between e0 and l1 is quadratic. From the quadratic relationship between e0 and l1, an attempt is made to estimate e0 for some selected districts of India for 2001 and 2010, using estimated l1 from 2001 census data and Annual Health Survey (2010–11) data.