Robert Desmarais
Managing Editor
Robert Desmarais is Head of Bruce Peel Special Collections at the University of Alberta and Managing Editor of The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information Studies, with a Book History and Print Culture designation, he also has university degrees in English literature and publishing. He has been collecting and enjoying children’s books for as long as he can remember. 

Debbie Feisst
Debbie Feisst is a Public Services Librarian at the HT Coutts Library at the University of Alberta Libraries, where she holds subject responsibility for Secondary Education and the Faculty of Education's ATEP - Aboriginal Teacher Education Program. 

Kim Frail

Kim has worked in a variety of roles at the University of Alberta Libraries since 2001 and is currently a Public Services Librarian and subject liaison to the Department of Elementary Education at the H.T. Coutts Education and Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation Library. Children's literature is a big part of her world at home and at work.

Janice Kung
Technical Editor

Janice Kung is the Public Services Librarian at the John W. Scott Health Sciences Library with liaison responsibilities to the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and Basic Medical Sciences including (but not limited to) Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Medical Laboratory Sciences. 

Denis Lacroix
French-Language Books Editor

Denis est un bibliothécaire en sciences humaines et sociales à la bibliothèque Rutherford de l'université de l'Alberta depuis 2003 avec pour responsabilité les langues romanes, les études latino-américaines, la linguistique, et les études classiques.  Il s'implique dans l'accès à l'information pour le milieu universitaire francophone, notamment à la Bibliothèque Saint-Jean où il a été directeur intérimaire et bibliothécaire spécialisé en éducation.

Denis has been a librarian in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Alberta's Rutherford Library since 2003 with responsibility for Romance languages, Latin American studies, linguistics, and classical studies. He is involved in providing access to information for the Francophone university community, particularly at the Bibliothèque Saint-Jean where he has been interim head and subject librarian for education.

Allison Sivak
Peer Reviewed Articles Editor

Allison Sivak is the Public Services Librarian at the University of Alberta Libraries. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Library and Information Studies and Elementary Education, focusing on how the aesthetics of information design influence young people’s trust in the credibility of information content.