Happy Birthday, Deakin Review!

Dear Readers,

This issue marks the one-year anniversary of The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature, and our reviewers and editors are delighted to report that well over 100 English language books have been reviewed. We’re thrilled that so many reviews have been shared with our readers and although we’ve only been around for a year, we’re optimistic that our publication will be around for years and decades to come. Indeed, our user statistics continue to grow each month and it is fascinating to see that our publication has a growing international readership.

As I look ahead to the next year I know we’ll continue to publish thoughtful reviews of new titles from picture books to teen fiction, and we’ll expand our offerings to include an occasional interview with an author or illustrator. We’re considering other changes like themed issues, guest editorials, and articles, but our raison d’être will always be to publish high quality book reviews. Our publication is distinctive in that our reviewers are all librarians, library staff, and educators from the University of Alberta, and thanks to this fine team we are able to serve our readers with so much thought-provoking content about the world of children’s book publishing.

I wish you all a restful break now that summer is upon us and children are out of school, and I hope you share our excitement for the abundance of charming books in this issue.

Happy reading!

Robert Desmarais
Managing Editor



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20361/G2488P