The Secret Life of Squirrels by N. Rose


  • Janice Kung



Rose, Nancy. The Secret Life of Squirrels. Toronto: Puffin, 2014. Print.

This picture book follows the story of Mr. Peanuts, a rather unusual squirrel who enjoys numerous activities that we do not typically associate with squirrels.

He busies himself with cooking on the grill, playing the piano, and reading his favourite books. Despite all of the activities, he feels a sense of loneliness. He writes a letter to Cousin Squirrel to come for a visit. His cousin responds and gladly accepts his invitation. In preparation for his visitor, Mr. Peanuts completes various chores around the house such as vacuuming, laundry, and he even finds time to bake a hazelnut chocolate cake. When Cousin Squirrel arrives, they have a wonderful time together.     

This book is filled with beautiful photographs of wild squirrels in miniature photo shoots. Children and adults alike can appreciate the attention to detail in the miniature models, created by the author, and the squirrels who pose in them. At the end of the story, the book provides “Ten tips for photographing wildlife” and a “Q&A with Nancy Rose” that are interesting and informative. Overall, this book is easy to understand and offers a great message to children about sharing and playing well with others.  

Recommended: 3 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Janice Kung

Janice Kung is an Academic Library Intern at the University of Alberta’s John W. Scott Health Sciences Library. She obtained her undergraduate degree in commerce and completed her MLIS in 2013. She believes that the best thing to beat the winter blues is to cuddle up on a couch and lose oneself in a good book.



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