Teardrop by L. Kate


  • Janice Kung




Kate, Lauren. Teardrop. New York: Delacorte Press, 2013. Print.

This Young Adult fantasy novel explores the compelling story of Eureka Boudreaux who was taught at a young age to never, ever cry. Ever since her mother drowned in an accident by the force of a rogue wave, Eureka no longer has the desire to live.

Not long after the terrifying incident, a mysterious boy, Ander, enters her life. Although she has never seen Ander before, he feels strangely familiar and has an unusual talent for appearing in front of Eureka when she least expects him. He appears to know everything about her and warns her that she is in grave danger. Not long after their first encounter, Eureka discovers that Ander is the only person who has come close to making her cry.

As she learns to cope with her new reality, Eureka finds solace in Brooks, her oldest friend with whom she can share anything. Together they try to solve the mystery of the strange inheritance from her mother – a locket, a letter, a stone, and an ancient book that no one understands. Eureka recruits a fortune teller who is able to translate the text and finds that the book is a story about a girl who had her heart broken and cried the ancient world of Atlantis into the sea. Characters from the book have an uncanny similarity to the people whom she shares a deep connection in her own life. The more of the book that she uncovers, the stranger her life becomes. Soon Eureka discovers that the story is more than an ancient tale and Ander may be telling the truth about her safety.                 

This book is the first in a trilogy, which leaves readers waiting in anticipation for the next installment. It explores themes of depression from the loss of a parent and the author weaves an intricate plot that helps the heroine overcome her grief. Overall, it is a fast-paced story that is well suited to young adult audiences, featuring complex characters, love, and dark magic.

Recommended: 3 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Janice Kung

Janice Kung is an Academic Library Intern at the University of Alberta’s John W. Scott Health Sciences Library. She obtained her undergraduate degree in commerce and completed her MLIS in 2013. She believes that the best thing to beat the winter blues is to cuddle up on a couch and lose oneself in a good book.



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