Hedge Hog! by A. Anstee

  • Adam Cohen


Anstee, Ashlyn. Hedge Hog! Illustrated by Ashlyn Anstee. Tundra Books, 2018.

After Are We There, Yeti? and No, No, Gnome!, Canadian born author/illustrator/animator Ashlyn Anstee presents us with the delightfully punny Hedge Hog!. In this story, our titular main character Hedgehog tries to keep all the other yard animals away from his hedge. Can the other animals convince him to open up his doors before winter comes? Not if Hedgehog has anything to say about it. The author tells a simple, yet charming story that can be used to teach a young reader about the importance of sharing and caring for your neighbours or as a political allegory dealing with immigration. Some readers will also enjoy the tale for what it is, a fun and entertaining story. 

The art is the real strong point of this story. The charming and pleasant looking characters, and the world of the yard that the author creates are sure to appeal to anyone reading through this book. Just the cover art alone is likely to pique anyone's interest. The illustrations are not only cute, but they also do a wonderful job of conveying the story. Regardless of the reader's reading level, they are sure to get something out of this tale.

With strong, yet easily digestible writing and charming illustrations, this story is perfect for new readers. Whether they are reading by themselves or along with their parents, there is lots to fall in love with here.

Highly Recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Adam Cohen

Adam has his BSc in archaeology from the University of Calgary and is a current graduate student in the University of Alberta’s Masters of Library and Information Studies program. He is also a member of Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom, and works as a metadata assistant at the University of Alberta Libraries. 

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