On My Bike by K. Winters


  • Kirk MacLeod




Winters, Kari-Lynn. On My Bike. Illustrated by Christina Leist. Tradewind Books, 2017.

Following their award-winning 2009 book, On My Bike, Winters and Leist have created a delightful, easy to read story following a young child taking a bicycle ride with their parents. The book, clearly designed to be read aloud, establishes a simple rhyming pattern which allows both narrative and sound effects to connect with the reading experience.

Much of the enjoyment of the story comes from the connected sound effects and the structure, wherein the protagonist, cleverly left both unnamed and without a defined gender, goes on a bicycle ride with one parent while the other stays behind with a younger child. The story follows the two on their bicycle ride and once they have made the end of their trip, follows them back through all of the previous story elements, allowing easier understanding and recognition for younger readers, and ending up back with both parents.

A very simple story following a relatable event for young cyclists, as well as those getting ready to begin cycling, On My Bike has a warm and welcoming style that would work great for preschoolers aged three to five.

Highly recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Kirk MacLeod

Kirk is the Open Data Team Lead for the Government of Alberta’s Open Government Portal. A Life-Long reader, he moderates two book clubs and is constantly on the lookout for new great books!



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