Diana’s Diabetes by W. J. Hall


  • Victoria Eke




Hall, Wendy J. Diana’s Diabetes. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018.

As part of the Mediwonderland book series designed to “guide children through common medical procedures and illnesses”, Diana’s Diabetes follows the journey of Diana, a young girl recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, as she learns about her condition and how it is managed.

Following the identification of symptoms and her initial diagnosis, Diana and her mother return to the clinic for an information session and follow-up with Dr. Daniel and Nurse Nina. There, Diana and her mother learn about the mechanics of the illness, self-monitoring for blood glucose, and insulin injections. Diana is also given a journal in which she must record her food intake and insulin doses, as well as a medical identification bracelet.

Major concepts are introduced through text and accompanying illustrations. The text, printed in large font, is easy to read. The content is rolled out logically, allowing for one concept to build upon the previous. Colourful illustrations by Ysha Morco serve to complement the text, providing visuals for the various concepts presented. However, in the case of the “Type 1 Diabetes” poster illustrated on pages 15 and 16, more detail and additional labels could have been added to better explain the biology behind the illness.

In addition to providing an informative and factually sound overview of Type 1 diabetes in children, author Wendy J. Hall has successfully created characters and a scenario that will undoubtedly resonate with patients and family members alike, serving as both a source of information and comfort.

This book is highly recommended for public, elementary school, and children’s hospital libraries. 

Highly Recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Victoria Eke

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Victoria Eke

Victoria is an Academic Library Resident at the University of Alberta’s John W. Scott Health Sciences Library. Victoria’s interest in health-related children’s literature was piqued during a field trip to the Family Resource Library at The Montreal Children’s Hospital.



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