Eve's Ekg and Echocardiogram by W.J. Hall


  • Madeline C. Crichton




Hall, Wendy J. Eve's Ekg and Echocardiogram. Mediwonderland, 2018.

Another installment in her Mediwonderland series of children’s books intended to provide accessible and comprehensible knowledge of medical afflictions and tests, Wendy J. Hall’s Eve’s EKG and Echocardiogram focuses on the world of cardiovascular health-related tests. Beginning the story with the protagonist, Eve, suffering chest pains, readers see Eve being rushed to the hospital and undergoing several tests. Ending with the doctor’s prognosis that Eve’s chest pains are likely caused by overuse, the reader is left better informed and comforted. Although Eve was initially scared to do the tests, she is comforted by the doctor’s excellent bedside manner, and inevitably enjoys the process and the exciting experiences such as getting to see her heart beating in an echocardiogram.     

Written mostly as a dialogue between Eve, her mom, and the various doctors and nurses, the text flows believably and is very easy to read. Hall uses emotion to engage with the reader. The font is large, clear, and well-spaced so that many young readers will be able to read it independently, or with moderate assistance. Although the medical terminology included is complex, all the tests mentioned are explained simply enough for a child to understand. Colour images accompany each page of text, and represent an overview of what happens on each page of the story to increase comprehension. Overall, Hall’s Eve’s EKG and Echocardiogram is an entertaining, educational must read!  

Highly Recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer:  Madeline C. Crichton

Madeline Crichton is a University of Alberta undergraduate student with a lifelong passion for reading. When she is not preoccupied with her studies, Madeline is busy volunteering in a variety of roles in her community.



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