My Mom is Having Surgery (A Kidney Story) by B. E. Cortez


  • Madeline C. Crichton



Cortez, Brenda E. My Mom is Having Surgery (A Kidney Story). Donate Life, 2015.

Based on the true story of author Brenda E. Cortez’s kidney transplant, My Mom is Having Surgery (A Kidney Story) describes the process of donating a kidney and offers encouragement for others to take steps and donate. In targeting her book at young readers, those who are just beginning to read independently, Cortez offers an educational overview of the process in the hopes of normalizing lifesaving procedures such as living organ donation. From reassuring her children, to explaining in detail why donating a kidney is the right choice, to the process of surgery, recovery, and returning home, My Mom is Having Surgery (A Kidney Story) offers a realistic look at the many stages of this procedure.

Aimed at audiences who are skilled and capable of reading independently, My Mom is Having Surgery is written in paragraph format with a medium sized font. By following the mother's surgery through the eyes of her daughter, the book engages with children and shows them how to be both encouraging and how to cope with the difficulties faced by a parent undergoing this procedure. Each page of the book is accompanied by colour images which represent the activities described in the text. These images are aesthetically pleasing and would help solidify the message of the book for young readers. As a tool designed to change attitudes in an engaging way, this book is a must read for young children.   

Highly Recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Madeline C. Crichton

Madeline Crichton is a University of Alberta undergraduate student with a lifelong passion for reading. When she is not preoccupied with her studies, Madeline is busy volunteering in a variety of roles in her community.



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