Alison's Asthma by W. J. Hall


  • Madeline C. Crichton



Hall, Wendy J. Alison's Asthma. Mediwonderland, 2018.

Part of the Mediwonderland series of works by author Wendy J. Hall, Alison’s Asthma tackles the common inflammatory disease, asthma.  Beginning with listing some of the symptoms of asthma, as faced by the protagonist Alison, the book details the tests required in the process of asthma diagnosis, as well as the available treatments.  Focusing also on positive aspects of the journey, such as Alison’s opportunity to choose a style of medical alert bracelet, as well her continued ability to run and play with her friends, Alison’s story comforts and informs readers who may be facing similar circumstances. The telling of Alison’s story is aided by the brightly coloured drawings, which accompany each page of text. Although these illustrations are simple, they establish flow within the text from one page to the next. These illustrations are also educational, such as the one comparing a normal airway to an asthmatic one. 

Highly educational and written in accessible language, this book is intended to educate the masses, and breaks down a medical journey faced by many into simple, undaunting steps. However, because of its educational intent, the book tends to be less engaging. While Alison’s journey is realistic, it lacks the details required to engage the audience, instead presenting facts. With that being said, Alison’s Asthma is a perfect read for young children, who, with the help of an adult, will learn the ins and outs of the medical world.  Therefore, Alison’s Asthma is a worthwhile read, which will leave its audience comforted and informed!

Recommended: 3 out of 4 stars     
Reviewer: Madeline C. Crichton

Madeline Crichton is a University of Alberta undergraduate student with a lifelong passion for reading. When she is not preoccupied with her studies, Madeline is busy volunteering in a variety of roles in her community.



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