West Coast ABCs by J. Asnong


  • Lorisia MacLeod




Asnong, Jocey. West Coast ABCs. Rocky Mountain Books, 2018.

Jocey Asnong returns with a new ABC book similar to her Rocky Mountain ABCs but this time highlights the beautiful west coast of Canada. Each page of this board book features one or two letters from the alphabet, a west coast place starting with one of those letters, a full colour illustration relating to that place, and a short phrase using words beginning with the alphabet letter(s) of the page. The target audience for this work would include toddlers, pre-K, and early primary students. Some of the words might be difficult for younger readers so this is a book best read with an adult though even the youngest readers will love the bright colours of the illustrations.

Since most of the letters have more than one word, this book better represents some of the different sounds that each letter can make, for example the sounds in paddle versus porpoises which makes this book particularly attractive for anyone working on phonetics with a reader. I would especially recommend this for anyone on the west coast as having familiar places featured in the book would only increase the enjoyment already provided by the wonderful art showcased in this work.

Recommended: 3 stars out of 4
Lorisia MacLeod

Lorisia MacLeod is an Instruction Librarian at NorQuest College Library and a proud member of the James Smith Cree Nation. When not working on indigenization or diversity in librarianship, Lorisia enjoys reading almost any variation of Sherlock Holmes, comics, or travelling.



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