What's My Superpower? by A. Johnston


  • Kirk MacLeod




Johnston, Aviaq. What's My Superpower? Illustrated by Tim Mack, Inhabit Media. 2017.

Following her debut novel, Those Who Run in the Sky, Johnston and illustrator Tim Mack have put together the delightful story of a young Inuit girl named Nalvana who sees superpowers in all her friends, but isn't sure if she has one of her own. The book has a bright and colourful style highlighting a young girl's world in the Canadian Territories.

Following Nelvana through her story, the reader is introduced to her mother, her unnamed (but adorable) dog, her friends and her community. Her infectious smile and positive attitude come through on every page and as she discovers each of her friends’ superpowers, she, and the reader, begin to wonder about her own.  The book mixes Inuktitut terms throughout, and includes a glossary at the end.

An excellent introduction to a young girl's world in Northern Canada and with a positive message and vibrant illustrations, the book would work well for young schoolchildren as well as those who might be interested in a view of Canada's different communities and questions about their own superpowers. A great read!

Highly recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Kirk MacLeod

Kirk is the Open Data Team Lead for the Government of Alberta’s Open Government Portal. A Life-Long reader, he moderates two book clubs and is constantly on the lookout for new great books!



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