Cheerful Chick by M. Brockenbrough

  • Samantha Nugent


Brockenbrough, Martha. Cheerful Chick. Illustrated by Brian Won, Arthur A. Levine Books, 2019.

Accompanied by Brian Won’s vibrant illustrations, Martha Brockenbrough tells the story of an energetic chick with a passion for cheerleading. Waving her pompoms and performing her best moves, Cheerful Chick tries to spread cheer around the barnyard. However, the grown-up animals do not seem to share her enthusiasm and Cheerful Chick soon finds herself feeling discouraged. In the end, Cheerful Chick realizes that her high spirits have not gone unappreciated after all.

This picture book explores the fact that we cannot always count on others to share in our passions. Brockenbrough’s use of the descriptor grown-up for the animals too busy for Cheerful Chick’s antics opens up room for discussions about the stressors that can make adults seem grumpy to energetic children who want others to share their cheerful moods. Although Cheerful Chick finds there is a troupe of chicks ready to join her cheers, the lesson about learning to feel joy even when joy is not shared by others proves to be the most interesting aspect of this story.

Packed with colourful full-page spreads and rhyming text that is perfectly paced for reading aloud, Cheerful Chick is sure to become a story time favourite. The obvious place for this picture book is in a farm-themed story time, but librarians, educators, and parents will also find it lends itself well to themes such as feelings and friendship. This picture book is an irresistible burst of optimism that is sure to delight preschoolers and older children alike.

Highly Recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Samantha Nugent

Sam works as a librarian at Hinton Municipal Library.

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