I'm Fun, Too! by J. Fenske

  • Jack Strouk


Fenske, Jonathan.  I’m Fun, Too!. Scholastic Inc., 2018.

The children’s book, I’m Fun, Too!, by Jonathan Fenske, is a feel-good book for younger children, teaching life lessons about how each person is special in their own way.

The illustrations are done with Lego® characters, which can encourage students to connect with the book if they like using Lego®. This picture book’s target audience is primary students and early learners as there is vocabulary that emphasizes learning about feelings and teaches lessons about sharing and self-worth. It is written in the form of a large comic and has comical aspects to it that will engage students through the colours and funny illustrations. The speech bubbles give the feel of a Lego® comic, making the book more dynamic.

This book would be effective at introducing to children how to express their feelings. The Lego® theme creates a setting, where having fun is explored. Younger readers would enjoy the colourful illustrations and the funny aspects of the book, while consequently learning about positive communication. I would recommend this book to students who are in Kindergarten and the first grade. The diction is simplistic, yet also educational, teaching productive ways for kindergarten students to express their emotions and feelings.

Recommended:  3 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Jack Strouk


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