Florette by A. Walker

  • Sara Petrunia


Walker, Anna. Florette. Illustrated by Anna Walker, Clarion Books, 2018.

Written and illustrated by Anna Walker, this picture book’s fresh, beautiful watercolour images match the joyful feeling this story will leave you with. Follow Florette on her quest through a sterile city to find a garden in place of the one she left behind in her family’s move. Not only did she leave behind a garden filled with apple trees and butterflies but also all her friends and fun adventures. Find out how Florette navigates this new world and finds joy in her own way not only for herself, but for everyone around her.

This book compels readers to consider the world surrounding them and what it might be missing. Its illustrations emphasize the stark difference in feeling between the man-made and natural worlds while suggesting a beautiful way to combine the two. The text is simple and expanded upon using emotive pictures, making this book an easy, satisfying read for young and old readers alike.

Although Florette does not openly talk about her feelings, we can observe the loneliness that follows the character in this new city surrounded by packing boxes and concrete. This book would resonate with any child who has felt that loneliness in any sense of the word and offers an easy solution of seeking out those things that bring us joy.

A beautiful fusion of friendship and nature, open this book and watch something meaningful grow. 

Recommended: 3 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Sara Petrunia

Sara Petrunia is a University of Alberta undergraduate student excited to use literature in her future elementary classrooms. When she is not preoccupied with her studies, Sara is busy working as a hairdresser or enjoying a trip somewhere far away!

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