Love by M. de la Peña

  • Bretton Bowd


de la Peña, Matt.  Love. Illustrated by Loren Long, G.P. Penguin Random House, 2018.

Newbery Medal-winning author of Last Stop on Market Street Matt de la Peña and New York Times bestselling illustrator Loren Long have teamed up to paint a touching picture of where love lives in each of our lives. Perfect for the child in your life or the child in you, this book ignites a warm feeling deep down inside. Love shines through in all our senses. Through poetic verses we are reminded of what love looks like, what love sounds like, what love tastes like, what love smells like, and what love feels like, physically and emotionally. Who cannot relate to the simple innocence of laughing as you run through the sprinkler on a hot summer's day?

One much-needed two-page spread even highlights the importance of self-love. The gorgeous illustrations are comprised of a compilation of monotype prints, acrylic paint, and pencil. They perfectly complement the words that they accompany, even telling their own hidden stories along the way. It is clear to understand how the pictures connect to the words, the two parts work together to invoke emotions in the reader. The vocabulary and structure, like how the word love is used in a variety of manners and how each page offers a glimpse into different individuals’ lives, may be challenging for younger children to read on their own but with the right facilitation any child can find connections to this beautiful picture book.

Highly Recommended: 4 out of 4 stars
Reviewer: Bretton Bowd

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