Arctic Wolf by W. Flaherty / Bowhead Whale by J. Karpik / Walrus by H. Paniaq


  • Sandy Campbell



Flaherty, William.  Arctic Wolf. Illustrated by Sean Bigham. Inhabit Media, 2018.
Karpik, Joanasie.  Bowhead Whale. Illustrated by Sho Uehara. Inhabit Media, 2018.
Paniaq, Herve.  Walrus. Illustrated by Ben Shannon. Inhabit Media, 2017.


Inhabit Media has published three more volumes in their successful “made in the Arctic” Animals Illustrated Series. Herve Paniaq’s Walrus, Joanasie Karpik’s Bowhead Whale and William Flaherty’s Arctic Wolf follow the pattern of the earlier works in this series (see review Each book is a natural history of the animal, including range, physical characteristics, diet, babies, and fun facts. Each book also has one or two sections specific to the animal. For example, in Arctic Wolf, there is a section for “Wolves in Human Form.” Both Bowhead Whale and Walrus have sections on “Traditional Uses.”

Although there is a different illustrator for each volume, the styles are similar and the content of the images are parallel throughout the three books. For example, page 6 of each book shows a naturally coloured skeleton on a black background, while page 12 is about Babies, and each book shows a mother and baby image. The illustrations are excellent throughout and extend to the end pages. 

This series would be good research material for elementary school children studying the North. These books are highly recommended for public libraries and elementary school libraries. 

Highly recommended:  4 out of 4 stars 
Reviewer:  Sandy Campbell

Sandy is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Alberta, who has written hundreds of book reviews across many disciplines. Sandy thinks that sharing books with children is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give. 



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