Many Wonderful Book Events to Announce


  • Hanne Pearce



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It has been a surprisingly rainy summer here in Edmonton and while gardens may be water-logged, many of us have taken the extra time indoors to read—I know I have. The news for this issue includes a few events and highlights some resources for teachers and parents making plans for the fall.

Upcoming Events

Thin Air: The Winnipeg International Writers Festival will be held September 22-30, 2019. The festival includes a school program to highlight writing for children. For more information see the website at

Kingston Writers Fest runs Sep 25-29, 2019. The program includes Youth Programming. See the website for details at:

The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) Kids Book Fest will be held in Brampton, Ontario on Sep 27-29, 2019. Information is available on the festival website:

Canadian Children’s Book Centre to start a YouTube Channel

According to the CCBC Website: “Plans are underway for a YouTube channel to showcase videos and links to resources about Canadian books for children and youth. Currently the CCBC is collecting videos for the channel. If you have ready-made videos that relate to Canadian children’s books you can email with a title, video length and video description and she’ll include it in her database of prospective videos. The project is being funded by the Canadian Council for the Arts with an anticipated launch in 2020. 

Book Banks for Teachers and Parents

With the new school year underway, I thought it would be worthwhile to highlight a couple book banks offered by the CCBC. The History Book Bank highlights children’s books by subject, and is broken down by centuries. The Social Justice Book Bank enables searching titles by wide variety of categories that include Indigenous, me too, diaspora and immigration, physical handicaps, mental health, etc. Both these book banks offer great ideas for reading based on subject matter. 

Some readers may enjoy this interesting article in The New Yorker about Margaret and Hans Rey, the creators of the Curious George series. 

To conclude, this issue of Deakin will be my last issue as the Communications Editor. For the past several years it has been a pleasure to serve on the editorial team of this journal. I have learned a great deal and I believe this journal provides great information about current children’s books and literature within the Canadian context. I wanted to thank our managing editor Robert Desmarais for his guidance and patience over the past few years. I also want to thank all the other editors on our team: Kim, Debbie, Allison, and Janice, and our reviewers and readers. I look forward to submitting book reviews in the future as my time permits. 

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