7th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference to be Held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – July 15-18, 2013



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The University Library at the University of Saskatchewan is very proud to host the 7th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice conference (EBLIP7), July 15-18, 2013. With six amazing conferences leading the way, EBLIP7 promises to be exciting, engaging, and invigorating.


The first question you might have if you are not from Canada (or maybe even if you are!) is “where is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan”? Saskatchewan is in Western Canada and is one of the three Prairie Provinces.


The local joke is that Saskatchewan is difficult to spell but easy to draw! Saskatoon is in the central part of the province and is called the Hub City due to its central location. It is also referred to as the City of Bridges because of the many bridges spanning the South Saskatchewan River that runs through the city. In a province of one million people, Saskatoon is the largest city with a population of approximately 230,000 people.


The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is a premiere medical-doctoral institution and is home to over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and over 1,100 faculty. The U of S is one of North America’s most beautiful campuses. With a 100+ year history (which is a long time by Canadian standards considering that Saskatchewan became a province in 1905), its earliest buildings form what the Canadian Register of Historic Places refers to as “the finest grouping of Collegiate gothic university buildings in Canada” (


If you are new to the EBLIP conference experience, please consider making EBLIP7 your maiden voyage.  EBLIP is a practical was to practice librarianship and if you are interested in research and using research in practice, then this is the conference for you. EBLIP7, with the dual draws of a robust and inspiring programme selected by an international programme committee and the chance to network with the vibrant international EBLIP community provides a
good opportunity to learn more. If you are an EBLIP conference veteran, you will love the Saskatchewan experience. From a sumptuous opening reception and conference banquet to the wealth of knowledge and information that the conference program and preconference sessions will bring, you will leave Saskatoon filled with enthusiasm and new ideas. When you get back home, you will remember your prairie experience as one filled with warmth, hospitality, and friendship.


Follow EBLIP7 on Twitter: @EBLIP7. There is also a conference website at In the months to come, more information will be posted on all aspects of the conference: travel, accommodations, calls for papers and posters, conference program, special events, events for spouses and families, etc. The University Library, U of S, is very excited to host the international EBLIP community in 2013.




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