EBLIP Receives the Seal of Approval


Lorie Kloda


Associate University Librarian, Planning and Community Relations

Concordia University

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Email: lorie.kloda@concordia.ca



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I have some very good news to report. After a long delay due to overwhelming volume, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) has been successful in its reapplication to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Since its inception, all of the journal’s article-level metadata has been indexed in the DOAJ, and will continue to be. In addition to a successful reapplication, EBLIP was also qualified for the DOAJ Seal. The Seal is awarded to those open access journals which adhere to an additional set of seven criteria that demonstrate best practices. EBLIP meets all of these criteria by having an archiving practice in place, providing digital object identifiers for all its articles, and allowing authors to retain copyright over their work, among other things. I am very pleased to be able to make this announcement, as the editorial board of the journal is committed to providing quality content in an open access format, and to doing so in the most evidence-based manner possible. We are continuously striving to maintain the highest standards of publishing to provide access to journal content.


There are several more announcements to accompany the above. EBLIP recently appointed a new Associate Editor (Classics and Reviews), Dr. Christina L. Wissinger, who is a librarian at Pennsylvania State University in the U.S. We have also appointed a new Editorial Intern, Rachel Hinrichs, a recent graduate and librarian at Indiana University Purdue University in Indiana. Also joining the team is Kate Shore, a librarian at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada as the Indexing Coordinator. Kate’s role will be to ensure the journal’s contents are indexed in the DOAJ and to explore other indexing opportunities for the journal, as well as best practices.


This issue of EBLIP includes features from the recent symposium of the Centre for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (C-EBLIP) that took place in late 2016. The organizer of the symposium, Virginia Wilson, is also a long-time contributor to the journal. Virginia wrote many of the articles in the very popular EBL 101 column and more recently was the author of the Research in Practice column. This issue of the journal includes Virginia’s final submission to the column. I am sure that though she will no longer be formally linked to EBLIP through the column that we can expect Virginia to continue to make contributions to the journal and to the practice of evidence based librarianship. The Editorial Board and I are sad to see her step down from this role, and wish Virginia the best of luck in her continuing role as Director of the C-EBLIP.


And finally, it is that time again when the journal renews its list of peer reviewers. I have begun contacting peer reviewers to determine if they are willing to renew for another term. EBLIP is always looking for potential reviewers with experience in various sectors and with knowledge of different research methodologies. If you are interested in peer reviewing for the journal please let me know.