EBLIP Panel Presentation at 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference



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DOI: 10.18438/eblip29425



Four professionals engaged in EBLIP in school, public, and academic library sectors will present “Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Is . . . “as part of a panel at the 2018 ALA Annual Conference to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.


This presentation will introduce the basic techniques of evidence based library and information practice (EBLIP) and also offer examples from libraries and librarians that have already embraced the practice.

The panel of librarians, who have adopted EBLIP concepts and principles, will share how evidence-based librarianship has impacted their libraries, library practice, research agendas, and patron interactions. Participants will receive an overview of evidence based library and information practice theory and research; learn about evidence-based frameworks; and discover how evidence-based decision making improves libraries. The presentation will draw heavily from recent research by Koufogiannakis & Brettle (2016) and their book Being evidence based in library and information practice.


Participants will learn what evidence-based librarianship is, what it looks like, and suggestions on how to begin incorporating EBLIP into their own day-to-day practice.


Date and time: Monday 25 June 2018, 9 a.m.-10 a.m.


Moderator/Panelist: Trish Chatterley, Collections Strategies Coordinator, University of Alberta


Panelists: Lee Ann Fullington, Health & Environmental Sciences Librarian, Brooklyn College; Hannah Byrd Little, Director of Library and Archives, Webb School; Pam Ryan, Director, Service Development & Innovation, Toronto Public Library


Location: Consult the conference schedule when available.