EBLIG Sponsors CLA 2008 Pre-Conference Workshop


The Evidence-Based Librarianship Interest Group (EBLIG) is pleased to offer a pre-conference session at CLA in Vancouver. The conference website http://www.cla.ca/conference/2008/ has been updated with program information.

Reading Between the Lines: How to Study a Paper

Whether you are using an evidence-based model of practice, participating in a journal club, acting as a peer reviewer, or are a regular reader of research articles, learning how to critically evaluate a paper is an essential skill. Critical evaluation requires the reader to ask specific questions regarding the research methodology, data analysis and the presentation of results. These questions will be identified and discussed in this workshop, as several evaluation tools will be presented. Participants will work in groups in which they will critically evaluate a research article and present their findings. This lively, hands-on workshop will provide participants with the necessary tools to approach and challenge research with inquisitiveness.

Lindsay Glynn
Acting Head, Public Services
Health Sciences Library
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Registration fees:
CLA EBLIG Members: $90.00
CLA Members: $100.00
Non-Members: $120.00

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Wed., May 21st, 2008
Session is limited to 35 delegates.

Registration includes:
One coffee break.

This session is organized by:
Evidence-Based Librarianship Interest Group (EBLIG) of CLA

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18438/B8JS6X

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