Online Tutorials for Librarians Interested in Systematic Reviews


The UK Higher Education Academy has commissioned and made available four online modules for librarians interested in undertaking systematic reviews.

The Units are aimed at undergraduates in library and information studies preparing for their final project or dissertation. Postgraduates in library and information science should also find the materials relevant to their research training. Using examples from the library and information science literature the modules take the user through topics needed to carry out a systematic review including: what is a systematic review, formulating searches for research evidence, producing a systematic review (sifting and grading evidence) and meta-analysis, meta-synthesis and guidelines. The Units complement, but do not replace existing research methods modules. Authored by Dr. Christine Urquhart, Alison Yeoman and Dina Tbaishat from the University of Aberystwyth, UK, and Alison Brettle from the University of Salford, UK, the modules are available online or to download from

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