Virtual Peer Mentoring (VPM) Might Facilitate the Entire EBLIP Process

Jonathan D. Eldredge


Implications for Practice
• Virtual Peer Mentoring (VPM) is one possible means for maintaining one’s continuous professional vitality.
• Mentoring relationships can thrive despite boundary crossings or multiple relationships provided both participants uphold ethical principles.
• Virtual peer mentoring is a possible response to the short supply of high level professionals with time to mentor junior staff.
Implications for Research
• Professional associations must take the lead in identifying the most important and answerable questions facing our profession.
• Where authoritative evidence does not exist for an informed decision a mentor may advise a protégé on the potential for further research
• Despite scarce research on Virtual Peer Mentoring, we can infer guidance from similar research on distance learning and collaborations.


EBLIP Process; Decision Making; Mentoring; Virtual Peer Mentoring; VPM; Distance Education; Evidence Based Practice;

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