Workshop: Introduction to Systematic Reviewing


How can we translate evidence for policy and practice? This workshop will introduce the principles, methods and critiques of systematic reviews.

On completion participants will:
  • have a basic understanding of the purposes of systematic research synthesis and its relevance to evidence-informed policy and practice;
  • have discussed a variety of systematic review models;
  • have received a general overview of the standard stages of a systematic review.

Target audience
This workshop will be of interest to policy makers, practitioners and researchers with an interest in conducting or using systematic reviews. It is designed for people with no, or almost no, prior knowledge of synthesis research.

Date and Venue
9.30 – 5.30pm Wednesday, March 12, 2008
ESRC Regional Training Centre, Queen's University, 69/71 University Street, Belfast, BT7 1HL

To book a place on the workshop download the booking form and fax the completed form back to (020 7612 6400). Alternatively, e-mail to have a booking form sent out to you. Please let us know if you would like the booking form in another format.

If you have a disability, sensory impairment, medical condition, specific learning difficulty, or mental health problem requiring extra support during the workshop, it is essential that you contact us as soon as possible so we will be able to arrange this support in good time.
Further information can be obtained from:

Philip James Rose
Social Science Research Unit
Institute of Education, University of London
18 Woburn Square
Tel: 0207 612 6391


EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London

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