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Menstrual Cup Canada

by Miss Tara Cups Middleton (2016-10-01)

This is my first time trying a menstrual cup in Canada. I love them. From all the Reviews and comparisons out there this cup seems to be WAY Better Than other Big brand name Menstrual Cups available in Canada!! And with Significantly fewer Cramps Than With Tampons!!! Excellent Value - I ADORE This Cup!!!

I didn't buy this menstrual cup with HUGE expectations, but I was very impressed. I used the small size since I have not had children. Once the suction is in place the cup really does not leak. The menstrual cup fits comfortably inside your body and doesn't budge until you break the suction seal by pinching the cup. Figuring out how to create the seal has a bit of a learning curve. If you are concerned, try wearing the cup before your period to get the hang of things. If you are a person that has sensitive skin in the vulva / vaginal area, this is a very good menstrual product since the cup minimizes wetness and friction that can result from more traditional devices like pads or tampons.

With this menstrual cup you can Dance, RUN, swim, do anything you desire without feeling the inconvenience! Unlike tampons and pads that you usually have to change 3, 4 times a day, you can wear a cup up to 12 hours, depending on your flow, usually you just need to empty it once a day, then rinse it, and insert it again! We recommended you remove the cup at least once a day!

Bought with a Menstrual Cup Money back Canada guarantee! Save money, save the planet! We wish to reward you for trying a menstrual cup, they offer you a set of both sizes, small & large, at a discounted price! Try both cups, see which one suits you the best, or use both, perhaps the small cup for lighter days, and the larger menstrual cup for heavier days! Buy it Online NOW!

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