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Romeo then tells Friar Lawrence

by Joseph Martinez (2017-06-14)

They try and give as abundant time as they might together, but it was very hard deprived of their parentages sympathetic. Romeo then tells Friar Lawrence, he tries to help Lothario and Juliet get wedded and run away safely. Juliet then tells the nurse about her and Lothario. At first, the nurse is on Juliet's side, but then she knows that Juliet's Dad was right and that she needed to marry Paris. Juliet then runs away to Friar Lawrence's cell tells him what has occurred essay writers UK. Friar Lawrence plans an arrangement that would help Lothario and Juliet run away securely together. Juliet would drink a potion that would put her to slumber for 42 hours, and all would think she was dead. Lothario was hypothetical to get the letter telling him that so that he would not think that she is dead and kill himself. Even though that is not what happened, because of problems, they still were usually just not on earth.