The Remainder: Social Collage and the Four Discourses in (some of) the Kootenay School of Writing: Part II

Clint Burnham


This essay is from a larger work on the poetics and poetry of the Kootenay School of Writing, the body of work primarily being that published in the 1980s, the approach being a Lacanian one. I divide the poetry into three camps or tendencies: the Red Tory neopastoralism of Lisa Robertson, Christine Stewart, Peter Culley, and Catriona Strang, the concerns of procedural constraints and Blanchotesque absence in Susan Clark, Kathryn MacLeod, Dan Farrell, and Melissa Wolsak, and, here, the social collage/disjunctive form to be found in the work of Colin Smith/Dorothy Lusk (discussed in the first half of this essay) and Deanna Ferguson/Jeff Derksen/Gerald Creede (discussed in this, the second half).


Kootenay School poets; Lacan; social collage;

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