A student experience in neurosurgery: How summer research can equate to much more than a publication

  • Mitchell P. Wilson University of Alberta


On November 17, 2011 I had the great pleasure of presenting to some 200 students, parents, and faculty at the first every University of Alberta Undergraduate Research Symposium.  This Letter to the Editor addresses my discussion on the many positive aspects of undergraduate research to students considering involvement that are often under-presented.  Beyond the assigned research, multiple potentially beneficial opportunities exist including course/elective credit, monetary remuneration, development of contacts and references, academic and personal development, and more.  In addition, this letter highlights new initiatives at the University of Alberta as well as showcasing the excellence of research that is presently being performed by students at our institution.

Author Biography

Mitchell P. Wilson, University of Alberta
I am a second year medical student with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry here at the University of Alberta.