Examining Eating Habits of Undergraduate Psychology Students

  • Wendy Salvisberg University of Alberta
  • Peter Tom
  • Sandra Ziolkowski


The current study examined the relationship between parenting styles, eating and dieting behaviors, and self-esteem in undergraduate psychology students. Standardized assessments of eating and dieting behaviors, parent care and control, and self-esteem were collected from 99 undergraduate psychology students in November 2012. Expected associations of parent care and control with undergraduate students’ eating and dieting habits and self-esteem were not found; however, results indicating the influence of mother care and father control on potential eating disorder diagnosis and self-esteem were discovered. Together, these results suggest that more research is needed to explore other characteristics of parenting that may be more related to unhealthy eating and dieting behaviours and self-esteem.


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SalvisbergW., TomP., & ZiolkowskiS. (2014). Examining Eating Habits of Undergraduate Psychology Students. Eureka, 4(1), 49-56. https://doi.org/10.29173/eureka19052