A Brick-Sorting LEGO Robot

  • Arturo Pérez University of Alberta
  • Michael R. W. Dawson


Arturo Pe ́rez is a senior undergraduate psychology student at Universidad Diego Por-tales in Santiago, Chile. In the Fall term of 2012, Arturo spent 3 months at the Universi-ty of Alberta, hosted by Dr. Michael Dawson and the Biological Computation Project (BCP). The general goal of his visit was to establish collaborative ties between this U of A laboratory and the Centro de Estudios de la Argumentacio ́n y el Razonamiento (CEAR) at UDP. A more specific purpose was to explore the BCP’s approach to using simple robots to explore basic ideas in embodied cognitive science. Arturo’s explora-tions involved creating, programming, and testing a new robot designed to sort ele-ments in an arena. The purpose of the current paper is to report on Arturo’s robotics research at the BCP. 


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Pérez, A., & Dawson, M. R. W. (2014). A Brick-Sorting LEGO Robot. Eureka, 4(1), 19-23. https://doi.org/10.29173/eureka22825