Giant Steps In The Interpretation Of A Musical PDP Network

  • Joshua Hathaway University of Alberta
  • Michael R. W. Dawson


We first introduce the notion of chord progressions by describing a particular example (the II-V-I) that is related to the Coltrane changes. Second, we describe the Coltrane changes using a formalism derived from previous musical investigations with neural networks (Yaremchuk & Dawson, 2005, 2008). Finally, we describe how we trained a neural network to generate the Coltrane changes, how we analyzed its internal structure, and the implications of this interpretation. In particular, we discovered that a network represented transitions between chords in a fashion that could be described in terms of a new musical formalism that we had not envisioned. In short, this paper shows that the interpretation of the internal structure of a musical network can provide new formalisms for representing musical regularities, and can suggest new directions for representational research on musical cognition. 


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Author Biography

Joshua Hathaway, University of Alberta
PhD Student, Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience)
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HathawayJ., & DawsonM. R. W. (2014). Giant Steps In The Interpretation Of A Musical PDP Network. Eureka, 4(1), 24-29.