Bmpr1bb is a novel gene involved in retinoic acid induced patterning of the zebrafish hindbrain

  • Braden Teitge Genetics


Retinoic acid signalling plays a critical role during zebrafish development.  The teratogenic effects of retinoic acid have been demonstrated by embryonic deformation resulting from insufficient or excessive levels of this vitamin A derivative.  During embryogenesis, bone morphogenetic proteins are closely linked to the physiological interpretation of RA gradients, particularly in the hindbrain.  We describe an uncharacterized gene, Bmpr1bb, as being significantly downregulated in response to retinoic acid treatment.  In situ expression demonstrates that Bmpr1bb is expressed ubiquitously at 10hpf, and is slowly downregulated until 48hpf where the expression is concentrated in the hindbrain.  We propose that Bmpr1bb is a downstream target of RA signalling, strongly downregulated during embryogenesis and specified to a specific region of the hindbrain.