Eclipse computation tables in Sanskrit astronomy: A critical edition of the tables of the Karaṇakesarī of Bhāskara (fl. c. 1681)

  • Anuj J. Misra University of Canterbury, Christchurch
  • Clemency Montelle University of Canterbury, Christchurch
  • Kim Plofker Union College, Schenectady
Keywords: India, history of science, Sanskrit, astronomy


We present here a critical edition of the numerical tables of the Karaṇakesarī, an eclipse-computation table-text authored by Bhāskara in the latter half of the 17th century, and known to us from three manuscripts.


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Author Biographies

Anuj J. Misra, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
Research Associate, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Clemency Montelle, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
Senior Lecturer of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Kim Plofker, Union College, Schenectady
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
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MisraAnuj J., Clemency Montelle, and Kim Plofker. 2016. “Eclipse Computation Tables in Sanskrit Astronomy: A Critical Edition of the Tables of the Karaṇakesarī of Bhāskara (fl. C. 1681)”. History of Science in South Asia 4 (December). Edmonton, Canada, 1-79.