Technology Use as a Catalyst for Change: A Leadership Framework for Transforming Urban Teacher Preparation, 7(12)


  • Suzanne Miller
  • Ellen Meier
  • Laura Payne-Bourcy
  • Scott Shablack
  • Diana L. Newman
  • Teh Yuan Wan
  • Elaine Casler
  • Gladys Pack


What research-based model can we develop for preparing tomorrow’s teachers to use technology that is flexible to different New York urban contexts and to the needs of different teacher preparation institutions? This is the question guiding the three-year study of urban teacher preparation in technology by the New York State Education Department, in collaboration with university-school district partnerships from four of the “big five” cities of New York State. In this report we present the results of the Catalyst Partners’ grounded theory approach to building a learning organization and a systems change model for teacher preparation using technology as the catalyst for change in the state.






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