A Practical Iterative Framework for Qualitative Data Analysis

  • Prachi Srivastava University of Ottawa
  • Nick Hopwood University of Oxford


The role of iteration in qualitative data analysis, not as a repetitive mechanical task but as a reflexive process, is key to sparking insight and developing meaning. In this paper the authors presents a simple framework for qualitative data analysis comprising three iterative questions. The authors developed it to analyze qualitative data and to engage with the process of continuous meaning-making and progressive focusing inherent to analysis processes. They briefly present the framework and locate it within a more general discussion on analytic reflexivity. They then highlight its usefulness, particularly for newer researchers, by showing practical applications of the framework in two very different studies.

Author Biographies

Prachi Srivastava, University of Ottawa
Assistant Professor, School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa Assistant Editor, Canadian Journal of Development Studies
Nick Hopwood, University of Oxford
Research Officer, Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice, Oxford Learning Institute, University of Oxford
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