Qualitative Interviewing Using Interpersonal Process Recall: Investigating Internal Experiences during Professional-Client Conversations

Denise Larsen, Keri Flesaker, Rachel Stege


Interpersonal process recall (IPR) interviewing uses video-assisted recall to access conscious yet unspoken experiences in professional caregiving interactions. Although IPR has been employed across the helping professions, little has been written about effectively conducting IPR interviews. Drawing on their IPR-based counseling research on hope, the authors provide a framework for the use of IPR interview strategies and for addressing challenges unique to IPR. Specific issues include (a) preparing the research team and setting, (b) issues specific to IPR interviewing, including framing IPR questions, (c) working with heightened emotion, and (d) negotiating professional/researcher roles. Finally, they discuss participant experiences and potential applications of IPR.

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