The Integrated Use of Audio Diaries, Photography, and Interviews in Research with Disabled Young Men

Barbara E. Gibson, Bhavnita Mistry, Brett Smith, Karen K. Yoshida, David Abbott, Sally Lindsay, Yani Hamdani


In this article we provide a critical reflection on the integrated use of solicited audio diaries, photography, and interviews in a study with disabled young men transitioning to adulthood. In the study, we developed a methodological approach for illuminating the intersectionality of gender, disability, and generation (life stage) identities. Drawing from a critical Bourdieusian perspective, we suggest that rather than producing single or “true” accounts, the combination of methods can be used to elucidate how participants establish, maintain, and reform their identities in everyday practices. Furthermore, we discuss how participants’ acts of data creation are analyzable events in themselves, wherein participants do work to establish, maintain, and reform their identities. We conclude with some lessons learned and future directions.

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