A/r/tographic Collaboration as Radical Relatedness

  • Barbara Ann Bickel Southern Illinois Univeristy Carbondale
  • Stephanie Springgay University of Toronto
  • Ruth Beer
  • Rita L. Irwin University of British Columbia
  • Kit Grauer University of British Columbia
  • Xiong Gu University of British Columbia


In this paper the authors examine a/r/tographical collaboration in a community-engaged research study investigating immigrant understandings of home and place. The study, The City of Richgate, involves a complex collaboration between community members, community organizations, educational institutions, and a research team comprising artist-educators. The study crosses border zones of cultural, ethnic, geographic, institutional, public, private, and disciplinary boundaries, reflecting the ever-changing character of postmodern reality. In this paper the authors reflect critically and theoretically on the lived experience of radical relatedness found within the complex collaboration, particularly within the a/r/tographic research team. This offers a qualitative methodology of radical collaboration applicable to many fields of inquiry in the academy, art world, and community.

Author Biography

Barbara Ann Bickel, Southern Illinois Univeristy Carbondale
School of Art and Design Southern Illinois University Carbondale Assistant Professor Art Education