Imagination as Method

  • Michael Thomas Hayes University of Hawai`i @ West O`ahu
  • Pauline Sameshima Lakehead University
  • Francene Watson Washington State University


In the article the authors argue for the imagination as a central method in ethnography employed to create a more abundant, just, and connected planet. Imagination is the creative energy that links conscious with the generation of the world of material experience. Through imagination the ethnographer becomes immersed in a space of play in which the world can be imagined as something not yet or in emergence, rather than as it is. Our hope is that by employing imagination in this way, ethnography can be focused to generating new possibilities for life on the planet.

Author Biography

Michael Thomas Hayes, University of Hawai`i @ West O`ahu
Dr. Hayes is an Associate Professor in the Division of Education at the University of Hawai`i @ West O`ahu