Transformational Grounded Theory: Theory, Voice and Action

  • Michelle Louise Redman-MacLaren James Cook University
  • Jane Mills James Cook University


Grounded theory has been evolving methodologically since Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss first described it in the late 1960s. Initially underpinned by modernist philosophy, grounded theory has had recent turns including the adoption of both constructivism and postmodernism. This article explores ontological offerings of critical realism as a basis for transformational grounded theory informed by participatory action research and decolonizing research methodologies. The potential for both theory and action to result from this critical grounded theory methodology, which promotes greater participation and equity of power for positive change, is the transformational in transformational grounded theory.

Author Biographies

Michelle Louise Redman-MacLaren, James Cook University
PhD Candidate/Senior Research Officer College of Medicine and Dentistry
Jane Mills, James Cook University
Associate Professor, College of Healthcare Sciences