Building a Conceptual Framework: Philosophy, Definitions, and Procedure

  • Yosef Rafeq Jabareen Senior Lecturer


In this paper the author proposes a new qualitative method for building conceptual frameworks for phenomena that are linked to multidisciplinary bodies of knowledge. First, he redefines the key terms of concept, conceptual framework, and conceptual framework analysis. Concept has some components that define it. A conceptual framework is defined as a network or a “plane” of linked concepts. Conceptual framework analysis offers a procedure of theorization for building conceptual frameworks based on grounded theory method. The advantages of conceptual framework analysis are its flexibility, its capacity for modification, and its emphasis on understanding instead of prediction.

Author Biography

Yosef Rafeq Jabareen, Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer Facultu of Architecture and Town Planning Technion Haifa