Exploring the Gendering of Space by Using Memory Work as a Reflexive Research Method

  • Lia Bryant University of South Australia
  • Mona Livholts Mid-Sweden University


How can memory work be used as a pathway to reflect on the situatedness of the researcher and field of inquiry? The key aim of this article is to contribute to knowledge about the gendering of space developed by feminist geographers by using memory work as a reflexive research method. The authors present a brief review of feminist literature that covers the local, and global, symbolic meanings of spaces and the power relations within which space is experienced. From the literature they interpret themes of the interconnections between space, place, and time; sexualization of public space; and the bodily praxis of using space. Our memories of gendered bodies and landscapes, movement and restricted space, and the disrupting of space allow us to explore conceptualizations within the literature as active, situated, fragmented, and contextualized.