Transactional Analysis: Conceptualizing a Framework for Illuminating Human Experience

  • Trevor Thomas Stewart Appalachian State University


Myriad methods exist for analyzing qualitative data. It is, however, imperative for qualitative researchers to employ data analysis tools that are congruent with the theoretical frameworks underpinning their inquiries. In this paper, I have constructed a framework for analyzing data that could be useful for researchers interested in focusing on the transactional nature of language as they engage in Social Science research. Transactional Analysis (TA) is an inductive approach to data analysis that transcends constant comparative methods of exploring data. Drawing on elements of narrative and thematic analysis, TA uses the theories of Bakhtin and Rosenblatt to attend to the dynamic processes researchers identify as they generate themes in their data and seek to understand how their participants’ worldviews are being shaped. This paper highlights the processes researchers can utilize to study the mutual shaping that occurs as participants read and enter into dialogue with the world around them.

Author Biography

Trevor Thomas Stewart, Appalachian State University
Trevor Thomas Stewart is an Assistant Professor in the department of Curriculum and Instruction at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. His research interests include educational policy, assessment, secondary English teaching methods, and qualitative research methodology.