Wonder Woman’s Costume as a Site for Feminist Debate

  • Jaclyn Marcus Ryerson University


In this article, I examine how much of the fierce debate and discourse around Wonder Woman has centred around her costume. While several academics have addressed the relationship between Wonder Woman and feminism, my article engages with these works to examine the arguments surrounding Wonder Woman’s dress, particularly in the context of comic books and graphic novels that feature the character. The article argues that it is Wonder Woman’s apparel, and not her status as a superhero, that is the site of the controversy surrounding her persona and role as a feminist figure.

Author Biography

Jaclyn Marcus, Ryerson University

Jaclyn Marcus is a Ph.D. candidate at Ryerson University and York University’s joint Communication and Culture program, conducting research focused on the intersections between fashion and literature. Under the supervision of Dr. Irene Gammel, Jaclyn conducted research on the impact of dress on the friendships and social identities of young female characters in 20th-century literature as part of her M.A. in Fashion at Ryerson University. Jaclyn joined Ryerson University’s Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre in 2016 and holds the role of editorial assistant for Fashion Studies, co-founded and co-edited by Dr. Ben Barry and Dr. Alison Matthews David, the first open-access journal in the transdisciplinary field of fashion.

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Marcus, J. (2018). Wonder Woman’s Costume as a Site for Feminist Debate. Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, 9(2), 55-65. https://doi.org/10.17742/IMAGE.FCM.9.2.6