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Dominic Pinney

Dominic Pinney is a Calgary-Based, Visual Artist who examines the seductive and ominous qualities of the city space through a variety of mediums including, installation, video, sound, sculpture, and text.

Through working with metals, concrete, plastics, video, and light installation, he creates environments and objects that are grounded in both the present and a proposed Dystopian realm. Blending fiction and reality to create an in-between space, his work encourages viewers to examine their own relationship to city spaces and question their feelings towards the urban environment. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Windsor (2019), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art + Design (2017). Recent exhibitions include: Faster, the Light Fades, in collaboration with Conrad Marion in North Bay ON, Above the Belt, Below the Bush, curated by Minor Hockey Curatorial in North Bay ON, I Dream of Electric Streets in Windsor ON, and Once Removed curated by Adrienne Crossman in Windsor ON.




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