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If you are interested in contributing a peer-reviewed scholarly article, please contact Imaginations’ Editor-in-Chief Markus Reisenleitner, cc: imaginations@ualberta.ca | If you are interested in writing a short review on any event or publication, please contact Elicitations reviews editor Tara Milbrandt milbrand@ualberta.ca, cc: imaginations@ualberta.ca


Visibility and Translation Visibilité et traduction
Reimaging Breasts | Réimaginer les seins
Critical Relationality | L’autochtone et queer au-delà de la nature et du sexe coloniaux
Fashion Cultures and Media – Canadian Perspectives | Cultures et médias de la mode – Perspectives canadiennes


Editors | Kim TallBear and Angie Willey

Special Issue Of Imaginations: Journal Of Cross-Cultural Image Studies/ Revue D’études Interculturelles De L’image

This special issue seeks submissions that document, provoke, or imagine relations between humans, and between humans and nonhumans that go beyond and trouble normative categories of “nature,” “sex,” and “love.” These manifest, for example, in hierarchical, anthropocentric, hetero- and homonormative, monogamous, marriage-centric and other settler-colonial forms of kin, kind, and relating. Ideas of what is natural are always paramount in settler invocations of what are considered the right ways to relate. Our focus on indigenous (“traditional” and/or “resurgent”), queer, and other consciously critical forms of relating takes inspiration from innovative work within the potentially articulated fields of indigenous studies; feminist, queer, and trans theory; disability and crip studies; critical race studies; science studies; and performance studies. We are looking for submissions in which scholars, artists, and other thinkers interrogate normative, especially state-sanctioned forms of relating.


Editors | Katrina Sark and Elena Siemens

This special issue on Fashion Cultures and Media profiles interdisciplinary research and artistic output by the Canadian Fashion Scholars Network. Founded in 2014, this association gathers Canadian scholars, fashion artists, designers, and other fashion professionals. The Network’s annual symposia has taken place in Montreal (McCord Museum, 2014), Vancouver (Museum of Vancouver, 2015), and Toronto (Bata Shoe Museum, 2016). This issue includes sections on “Consuming Canada,” “Fashion Culture,” and “Fashion Media,” as well as two critical introductions by the co-editors. As the scholarly and artistic contributions to this volume demonstrate, fashion media and fashion cultures are inextricably linked. Critical studies of  fashion media and fashion cultures are still largely under-represented in Canadian Fashion Studies. Analyzing fashion cultures requires interdisciplinary and comparative approaches and methodologies. It presupposes an understanding of fashion and of culture as complex frameworks of cultural analysis that can be multifaceted and contradictory, and often challenge disciplinary training as feminists, historians, theorists, literary and media critics and scholars. The contributions to Fashion Cultures and Media – Canadian Perspectives aim to celebrate, promote, and strengthen these interdisciplinary collaborations in Canada.