Modern Day Slavery and Assimilation in Canada: An Exploration of the Analogous Nature of the Prison System and the Residential School System


  • Aruoriwo Egor University of Alberta Student



While the idea of slavery seems to be a dreadful story from the past, the effects of colonization in Canada has resulted in a restriction of freedom and rights for Indigenous people to this day. Several colonizing principles and institutions were put in place in order to control and erase an already established people and culture. One of those colonizing institutions is the residential school system established as part of the Indian Act in the 1800s. In a modern context, the same idea of the residential school system seems to be perpetuated in today's capitalist society, by the Canadian prison system. This paper explores this seeming realationship by portraying the actions of the Canadian government to claim the land and create a new economy and government. This paper also explores this relationship by portraying how colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy are "three sides of the same coin".